Here's the Process We're Going to Take Together




From there we move in to ongoing sessions, at least twice a month with three months minimum to start.  (Just like the liquor store, you need to buy a six-pack, and I also give discounts for a case - 24 sessions over a year.) 

We arrange for an intake session (sometimes called a "discovery session") over the phone where we go over your goals and how I can best coach you to reach them. ​


And, p.s.?  If you're in the LA area, and like me you like to have a drink and talk at the same  time, try Coaching and a Cocktail, where we will meet in person.

We do this over the phone. Our first session is free. This will give you a taste of what coaching is, and where we decide if we are a good fit for each other.

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wait. did someone say "cocktails"? i'll try anything once (or six times)!