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Coaching and a Cocktail

This is a regular event for 6-8 people to come together in a fun and easy environment to get some coaching on a single theme. Previous sessions have included "Creating More Balance in Your Life;" "Finding Personal Fulfillment in the Everyday;" and "Life on the Other Side of 30."

Come alone or with friends and finish your day with some meaningful discussion. I guide the group through some fun exercises to get the conversation going, and we laugh and learn together in a safe and stress-free session.

This is happy hour with a purpose.

Check out the calendar on the "Book Online" page and see if you can join us. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram to see the upcoming themes, venues and dates. Come with an open mind and leave with something to think about.​

If you already have a group or a team that's interested in a specific topic, let me know and I'll come to you for a closed session in the venue of your choice.

Coming Soon! Coaching and a Coffee, for anyone who wants to start their day with a jolt.

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