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My Approach

Life can be hard.  It can be ugly and painful and challenging, but it can be funny and surprising and beautiful and full of gifts, too. And we can find that together. 

Change isn't easy to do on your own. I am here to work with you to build the skills you need to see things in a new way.

So you're going to give me advice, you ask? No. I don't give advice. That's free. I'm not. 

You can get that from your mom and your friends.

What I WILL Do...

I will help you get in touch with what it is you want, come up with an action plan, keep everything confidential, and hold you accountable. 

What I WON'T Do...

I won't tell you what to do, give my opinion, or judge you.  



If you are: ready to make a change and willing to do the work. Open-minded. Interested in personal development and have a desire to increase the level of happiness in your life. Let's do this.


If you want: an advocate, and a totally confidential conversation laser-focused on you. A trained coach. Someone in your corner who isn't shocked by much, that takes no bullshit, who can occasionally be very funny. (No promises). Send me a note.


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